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Raw Zoo Mix

Raw Zoo Mix

1 Pound

Zoo mix is a 100% raw beef blend to feed dogs and cats daily which includes; Muscle Meat, Lungs, Heart, Liver, Bone & Kidney. It has been proven that there are many health benefits that come with feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet, including: superior joint and bone health, strengthened immune system, improved skin and softer, shinier coat, superior dental health, reduced stool volume and odor, enhanced reproductive health, and reduced body odor. Mathis Meat recommends feeding your dog or cat 2% of their body weight per day to maintain weight, and 3% of their body weight to gain weight. Raw zoo mix comes in a frozen 30lb box with six, 5 pound chubs.

  • Proper Handling & Care

    Our products are shipped frozen. Portion into feeding sizes as needed and immediately re-freeze remaining product.  Use thawed refrigerated product within 3 days. This is a raw animal product, as you would in handling any raw meat, always wash your hands, countertops, and utensils thoroughly after handling these products. Always keep raw zoo mix separate from other meats. A plastic container with a tight-fitting lid is a good approach and will keep the odor contained.

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